Teacher by day, code ninja by night

Every L-S algebra student knows and loves GetMoreMath but many do not know that Lampeter-Strasburg High School algebra math teacher Mr. Josh Britton created the web based learning program.

In 2003, Mr. Britton got the idea to make a website that gives students a chance to work on problems and grow their skills with the occasional assistance of a student or himself if they need help. GetMoreMath.com individualizes a students math practice experience and builds problems to meet his/her specific needs.
Mobile screenshot of GetMoreMath
The website has proved extremely successful. Recent algebra Keystone scores show 90 percent of students scored proficient or higher; it is so successful in fact that the entire math department utilizes GetMoreMath to teach algebra.

The website is not just "drill-and-practice." It has a gaming component that rewards students for all their hard work allowing them to take a brief brain break. The first game introduced on the GetMoreMath website was made in 2005 called ‘The Phoenix,’ and coded by one of Mr. Britton's former students, Jeff Wile.

Two years ago, Mr. Britton re-coded the GetMoreMath website to work on mobile devices. Usage soared. Now students could complete their math homework and improve their algebra skills from anywhere. Waiting for the bus. Riding in the car. Using the bathroom. 

But if students want to enjoy some of Mr. Britton’s fun games without doing the math, they should consider downloading his app called Filz for Phones. Filz was not a solo effort but a family project. Mr. Britton's son, Caleb, actually composed  and created the music and sound effects for the game. 
Mr. Britton's Filz app available for download in the App Store
GetMoreMath definitely improves your math skills according to freshmen Mary Peticca. Being a current student in Mr. Britton’s algebra class, Peticca has found an improvement not just for herself, but the other students in the class, as well. "We have a test at the end of every week on what we learn on GetMoreMath . And because we practice the same materials all week, we definitely improve, and work towards a successful final exam." says Peticca.

Unfortunately Mr. Britton does not have any ideas of creating a new website or app. With his 12 years of GetMoreMath , he does not feel the need to create another website. “There is still so much more that I would like to do with it. My GetMoreMath  ‘to do’ list is 40 pages long, and is lengthening daily,” he wrote.

Mr. Britton has created a brilliant software, and brilliant students because of it!

--Mary Peticca, LSNews.org School News Reporter

Edited: BP

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