Pioneers clobber Cedars, 62-21

Halloween Eve was a strong win for the Pioneers at Lebanon, but also a concerning one. L-S had a -1 turnover differential , allowed three sacks and two 50+ yard Lebanon TD runs. Such a poor showing would have certainly been a loss against any other team, and is very concerning only a week away from playoffs.

But when you win by 41 points, that cures a lot.

On the plus side, L-S scored NINE touchdowns, a truly impressive number, with six rushing, two passing and one special teams touchdown. It is also important to note that most of the third and fourth quarters were played by second stringers, including quarterbacks Justin Edwards and Todd Shelley. Full scoring stats include:
  1. Shane Lawler 3 TD runs
  2. Bear Shank TD run and TD pass
  3. Jordan Boynton Kickoff return TD and receiving TD
  4. Chad Gaudino receiving TD
  5. Justin Edwards TD pass
  6. Kyle Knapp TD run
  7. Drew Smith TD run

With that said, lets talk playoffs (What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game.- Jim Mora). 

The Pioneers are 7-2 with one more game at Garden Spot before Playoffs. Here are the updated rankings from PennLive for the top three teams:

League Record
Overall Record
Manheim Central

The next highest record is 4-5, so L-S is guaranteed a playoff spot and first round home game. L-S also has the advantage over Manheim Central winning the head-to-head record tiebreaker. Therefore, an L-S win or Central loss next week will guarantee the Pioneers second place in the section. It is also important to note that Manheim Central faces the 9-0 Solanco Golden Mules next week.

This said, Section Two almost certainly goes to undefeated Solanco, which would be a much desired rematch if the Pioneers can make it that far in the Playoffs. Please support L-S next week at Garden Spot as they attempt to clinch second place in Section Two.

See all of Maya Pieters LS vs. Lebanon pictures.

--Kevin Reed, Football Reporter, Maya Pieters, Football Photographer

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