Lip sync battle headlines Mini-Thon assembly

Students and staff assembled in the Performing Arts Center this afternoon to learn about the upcoming Mini-Thon, a district-wide event that will be held from December 4 at 6 PM until December 5 at 6 AM at the High School.

Mrs. Lindsay Shehan, a social studies teacher
at L-S, is the event's coordinator
Masters of Ceremony Matt Paich and McKenna Kimmel welcomed students and staff, and introduced a skit performed by members of the Mini-Thon committee that reenacted the story written by Christopher Millard, in whose memory the fund was founded, shortly before his death. He thought the four pillars necessary to overcome cancer were courage, wisdom, honesty, and strength, and wrote a story in which a protagonist went on a journey to find those four diamonds and defeat a witch -- cancer itself.

"We could have used a few more rehearsals," acknowledges Mrs. Lindsay Shehan, the advisor to Mini-Thon in regards to the assembly as a whole. "However, I hope people have a better understanding of what a Mini-Thon is and want to participate."

To that end, this video recapping the 2014-15 Mini-Thon program was shown:

At the L-S Mini-Thon, in addition to bubble soccer, food eating contests, and assorted athletic events, the Mini-Thon will be headlined by an Lampeter-Strasburg-themed Tonight Show, wherein students and staff are encouraged to portray their favorite sketches from the evening comedy.

To get those juices flowing, four teachers engaged in a Lip Sync Battle, similar to the popular segment on the Tonight Show. Mr. Matthew Shockey, Mrs. Tina Shockey, Mr. Matthew Blose, and Mr. Adam Titter were the participants, and in real time, students voted for their favorite via text message -- Mr. Titter was proclaimed the lip sync champion for his portrayal of Pit Bull and rendition of Don't Stop The Party, which included the trademarked "Titter Tumble".

After the lip sync battle, Mrs. Shehan returned to the stage to encourage students to register for Mini-Thon. Although the minimum donation to participate is $30 at the high school level, students are encouraged to use DonorDrive to solicit additional donations. Registration begins tomorrow.

In regards to how the assembly went, Mrs. Shehan says simply: "I think it's a really big event to plan for, so the assembly is just one of those things."

View all of Megan Doolittle's photographs from the Mini-THON Kickoff Assembly.

--Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief; Photos by Megan Doolittle, Staff Photographer

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