Hawaiian Day of Spirit Week: Cool morning for grass skirts

Students gave it their all for the Hawaiian theme, donning grass skirts, leis, and even coconut bras. Flower necklaces were passed around to those who either wanted to participate or craved victory over the other classes.

At the end of the day, the juniors beat the seniors, and the sophomores and freshmen lagged behind in third and fourth place, respectively.

Here are some pictures from the day.
Janelle Bronder, Maddie Grebinger, Gaige Barber, Taylor Arnst, and Erin Murphy pose for a quick tropical snapshot.
Taylor Griffin, junior, shows her Hawaiian side in German class.
Lexi Sutton and Olivia Beiler display some serious school spirit, 
while Jack Drummond's school spirit shows in a not-so-serious way.
Elizabeth Long, Taylor Arnst, Maddie Grebinger, and Ben Eidemiller 
stand side by side to show off their school spirit.

Mr. Sterner thought it was "Hi Juan" Day. Well, at least he participated!

--Lillian Murr, LSNews.org School News Editor

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