Field hockey team fails to avenge previous loss to Manheim Central, falls 3-0

On Wednesday October 7 the L-S high school field hockey team played Manheim Central on their home field. They had previously lost to Central 4-0 at Central’s home field. This time they were hoping to win. 
Action from the junior varsity game, which L-S won 2-0

L-S huddled like they usually do and the coaches told them the starting lineup and what to do on corners. After that they did their cheer and the starters ran out onto the field. Lampeter-Strasburg started off strong. The kept possession of the ball for a while and they spent a lot of time on Central’s half of the field. Unfortunately about halfway through the first half Central brought the ball down and put in the back L-S’s cage. L-S then restarted the ball at the fifty and hoped to score a goal. Sadly, Central scored again before the end of the first half. 

At halftime the varsity team huddled around Coach Katrina Swarr. She complimented them and told them what they needed to work on. Then the ref blew the whistle indicating that the players needed to come back on the field. Lampeter-Strasburg fought hard during the second half. They had many opportunities to score, but were never able to get a goal. Manhiem Central scored one more game before the final whistle was blown, making the final score 3-0. Although L-S was very unhappy with their loss, they played very well and fought hard until the end.
The L-S Field Hockey pauses after the game for a team photo.

--Makayla Malcolm, Field Hockey Reporter; Photos by Aaron Freas, Guest Photographer

Edited: BP

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