"The coolest thing I did this summer was ..."

Yesterday during lunch, LSNews.org was on the prowl to ask students what the most interesting thing they did over the summer was. Here is a sampling of what we heard:

Julia Lambert 

Julia Lambert: "I didn't really do anything this summer. I went on vacation to Dewey Beach, in Delaware. I spent four days there... It was a lot of fun."

Ivy McComsey: "I went to Florida to visit some of my family down there for two weeks. And then, after I got home, three days later, I went to a Missions trip to New Orleans with my church [for ten days]. And then, five days later, I went to Millersville Hockey Camp. I came back from that, and then, I had to work, which was not fun. Then, I think I pretty much watched Doctor Who on Netflix for the rest of the summer."

Shannon Ferrari

Shannon Ferrari: "I went to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my family and stuff."

Claire Warner: "My dad had to go to a conference in Chicago, so we took a 17-hour train ride to get there. We stayed for a week and visited museums, like the Art Institute. And every Saturday, I went swing-dancing."



Autumn Peters (L) and Meredith Vesey
Meredith Vesey: "I went to my brother's wedding."

Autumn Peters: "I went to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert. It was a lot of fun. I also got a new car."

Alexis Sutton: "I went to Disneyworld, the happiest place on earth."

Olivia Beiler: "I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina and Outer Banks, North Carolina... I went in the ocean and got 20 feet away from two six-foot sharks. It was scary."

Jack Drummond
Brenda Torres: "I went to Dorney Park... I don't really have a favorite ride, but I had fun."

Jack Drummond: "I went to Maine... I ate lobster. That was fun."

Allison Weidman: "I went to Mexico for a Missions trip for a week."

Bethany Bradford: "I went to Florida and then South Carolina and climbed around this lake... I didn't do anything. Absolutely nothing."

Brad Harris
Derek Seiders: "I worked. All summer. I had two jobs, so yeah, that was it. I worked at Best Buy and Levi's. I also hung out with G-Snap."

G-Snap aka Brad Harris: "I did exactly what Derek did, but subtract the two jobs."

--Compiled by Lillian Murr, LSNews.org School News Editor; Photographs by Lillian Murr

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