Students gather "at the pole" for prayer

On Wednesday September 23, the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) arose early to stand out in the cold morning weather to worship and pray for the annual event of See You At The Pole. 
Students gathered together in prayer before
school today

It is an annual event of the club to gather in the grass by the flag that stands at the entrance to the high school main office to worship and pray about anything and everything. Whether it be as big as the world or as personal as the school, the students brave the elements and possible judgement from their peers to pray, no matter the circumstances.

This year's event started of with a group worship session in which Joey Shiffer accompanied the singing on the acoustic guitar. After the worship time, Josh Beiler called the entire club to split off into small groups to pray for anything that they felt needed God 's assistance and love. Topics ranged from ending religious persecution around the world, to bringing people closer to God, and even having a safe and fun time at the West Lampeter Community Fair. 

Once everyone had prayed, the group joined once again for a final song of worship, unfazed by the occasional awkward glances from passing students who fail to understand the meaning of the event to those FCS students who participated ... they genuinely enjoy their time at the pole and encourage anyone to come participate.

--Jarrod Lloyd, Guest Writer; Photo by Megan Doolittle, Staff Photographer

Edited: BP

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