"Palpable tension" notwithstanding, L-S defeats Solanco on senior night in soccer, 6-1

With rain pouring down -- and doing its best to damper senior night proceedings -- two teams took the field under the lights to play soccer, unsure of how the game would turn out. L-S played Solanco in an exciting and invigorating game on Pioneer Field September 29.

Jordan Bishop had a strong
performance for L-S
The game began with palpable tension felt both on the field and off of the field due to recent events at Friday night’s football game. The game commenced with strong efforts from both teams. L-S began the half with two quick shots, one from Matt O’Neil at the 8 minute mark and one from Alex Knarr at the 10 minute mark. L-S and Solanco fought for the ball, but L-S triumphed, with the first goal scored by Alex Knarr off of a corner kick from Jordan Bishop in the first 12 minutes. 

The teams continued to struggle, and both teams had calls made against them by the referee for pushing and tripping. 6 minutes later, the referee made a call against Solanco inside the goalie’s box, awarding L-S a penalty kick. Knarr scored once again. 

Solanco, determined to win the ball back, took the ball deep into our defensive third, and made a shot. At the 25 minute mark, Remy Wright scored for Solanco, his first varsity goal. 

Nate Patterson scored for
the Pioneers in the second half
L-S, however, was not discouraged. Playing with a fire and determination unseen yet this season, the Pioneers fought back. Peyton Denlinger scored with a gorgeous shot, making the third goal for L-S with 10 minutes left in the half. As hard as Solanco fought, L-S returned to their defense one last time before the end of the first half, and Nate Patterson scored with an assist by Denlinger. The second half began with the same tenacity as the first half. L-S fired three shots within the first eight minutes: two from Denlinger, and one from Bishop. After a foul in Solanco’s goalie’s box, O'Neil made the first goal of the second half off a penalty kick 13 minutes into the half. 

As the half progressed, L-S did not lose its focus or drive to win this game. Knarr repeatedly took shots on goal, until finally he scored his third goal for the game in the last 5 minutes, giving him a hat trick. The clock ticking down, Solanco continued to fight for another goal. Deep into our defensive third, about one minute left, the first and only card was awarded to a Solanco player. With a final score of 6-1, L-S took home the victory on this rainy Tuesday night in Lampeter.

--Lauren Mast, LSNews.org Soccer Reporter

Edited: BP

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