Greased pig contest highlights day two at the Lampeter Fair

Competitors try to catch the greased pig in the venerable
annual contest
The greased pig contest was, once again, a huge success. This is unquestionably the most viewed event at the fair; not only were the bleachers constantly packed, but the wooden fence was topped with spectators of all ages. The pig chasers ranged from age 5 to high school, although the age groups become smaller as the night wore on. Particularly favored by the crowd was the age 5 girls’ class, which exemplified that wearing pink does not make you weak. Congratulations to all of the 2015 greased pig contest winners!

Earlier in the evening, the Lampeter-Strasburg Pioneer Marching Band performed its field show "Setting Sail", as well as a selection of stand music tunes while director Mr. Larry Royer shamelessly promoted the band burgers available for purchase.

With day two in the books, just one more day of cows and community remains.

Check out the Picasa Album of this evening's festivities, featuring photos from Ashley Crutcher and Alyssa Van Lenten.

--Alyssa Van Lenten, Local Editor; Photos by Van Lenten and Ashley Crutcher, Co-Director of Photography

Editor-In-Chief Benjamin Pontz contributed to this report

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