FFA students prepare animals for local fairs

Next week is a pretty big deal for FFA students at the high school. Most L-S students enjoy attending the fair and participating in its activities. But for these students, the fair is a several month long investment of time, money, and responsibility. 
Sarah Hess
Raising livestock is a long-term commitment. Some of these students would have begun nine months ago to prepare just for next week at the West Lampeter Fair. From then to now, careful tending of the animal is a priority if the student wishes to succeed. This entails closely monitoring the animal’s weight so it fits into specific weight constraints, training it to walk like it would in a show, and taking care of any food and health needs.

Jordan Martin

Matt Harnish

Next week, the students will show their animals in front of hundreds of bystanders, all the while competing against other 4-H members. Six to nine months of preparation will boil down to a very short amount of time, and tension and frustration can be high for both the human and the animal. However, at the end of the week, everyone is a winner, whether he or she placed first or last. Showing livestock is a lot of hard work, and that kind of responsibility is a true accomplishment. Good luck next week to everyone who is showing!
Erin Harnish

FFA Students showing at the Fair:
  • Becca Herr (9th) – Market Lambs
  • Leah Welk (9th) – Market Goats and Market Hogs
  • Jordan Martin (9th) – Market Hogs
  • Bryce Good (9th) – Dairy Beef
  • Luke Stauffer (9th) – Market Lambs
  • Sarah Hess (12th) – Market Hogs
  • Erin Harnish (10th) – Market Lambs
  • Matt Harnish (12th) – Market Lambs and Dairy Beef
  • Connor Ranck (11th) – Market Goats and Dairy Beef
  • Donovan Weaver (12th) – Market Lambs
  • Kelsey Heiney (11th) – Dairy

Leah Welk
Leah Welk

Becca Herr

--Alyssa Van Lenten, LSNews.org Local Editor with assistance from agriculture teacher Mrs. Holly Oberholtzer

Edited: BP

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