Editorial: Making America Great Again

As the 2016, presidential race heats up, it is increasingly clear that Donald Trump, the biggest developer of New York, is the obvious choice for the oval office. After building such a successful empire in the business world, it is no wonder that so many well informed Americans are cheering his name as he shuts down his competition with astute and logical constructive criticisms. Donald Trump’s impeccable public speaking and new innovative ideas will ensure his inauguration as president of the United States.
Donald Trump is running for President;
we're not sure he'll be good at it

It is hard to argue with Trump’s out of the box thinking when it comes to tackling obstacles; with his confident attitude, there is no question whether he can accomplish his lofty dreams. His plan to build a wall on the Mexican border is fool proof. It completely cuts off the undesirable rapists and drug lords from our fair and beautiful nation, and with Trump as our leader, we will not even have to pay the estimated $5.1 billion for the wall. Trump is such a good negotiator he will show Mexico why it is in their best interest to pay for the entire multi-billion dollar project. It truly is a brilliant plan. Of course, Trump will build this wall after we spend billions deporting the 11.3 million illegals back to Mexico. Then we will spend billions more on the tripled security, Trump’s E-Verify system, visa-tracking system, and his mandatory detention plan. How could this plan possibly fail?

Trump has the confidence and strength of a tiger. He will not stand to let his rivals walk all over him. This is exactly the kind of president we need, a president who has the strength to insult everyone who opposes him. We do not see this kind of confidence often enough. We as a nation should take hold of this opportunity while we have the chance.

Donald Trump’s willpower will be most advantageous in foreign affairs. As an international businessman he knows how to handle peoples of foreign cultures such as China. He loves China. More importantly are his plans for ISIS. He will put boots on the ground and take their oil fields -- effectively cutting off their funds. This may cause distrust from the Middle Eastern countries that already hate America and will no doubt use the occupation for propaganda in order further cause disdain for us, but in the end, Trump knows what he is doing.

It is obvious. There is no better choice for the White House. Donald Trump is the bucket of cold water to a sleeping America and we cannot wait for the splash.

This opinion piece is the official weekly editorial of the LSNews.org editorial board, and reflects that body's collective opinion. The lead author was opinion editor Aaron Davies. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the district or LSNews.org advisor.

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