A fire alarm can't stop L-S girls' volleyball from beating Ephrata

The Lady Pioneers strategize
before the game
After a bizarre night with faulty scoreboards and a fire alarm going off, the Lady Pioneers volleyball team took down Ephrata 3-0 in volleyball. Entering the match, Ephrata had a 4-2 record overall, and a 2-2 record in the season. The Pioneers went into the match with a 5-2 record overall, and a 2-2 record in their league.

A 3-0 win usually means that it was a one-sided performance, but this was not the case. Neither team was able to make a substantial lead. The girls in blue were able to score the vital points that took them to the win. Ephrata was able to stay in the fight, but kills from Leah Wieland, Katelyn Reed, and others did enough to stop any potential streaks from the Mountaineers.

An evacuation occurred when
the fire alarms sounded late in
the third set
The last set was where a lot of the action occurred, along the bizarre events of the evening. Not long into the set, the scoreboard was experiencing technical difficulties, and after a few resets, the score trackers resorted to using the blue and yellow scoreboards that are used for gym class until they were fixed. With the score at 23-20 in favor of L-S, the notorious lights and sounds of fire alarms resonated through the gym. After finishing the rally, spectators and players evacuated the building, and stood under the overhang to avoid the rain. Not long after, the alarms were turned off and everyone went back in to finish the match. 

The break allowed Ephrata to regroup, and bring the score to 24-24. Ephrata needed to win these two points if they were to get back into the match, but it was not meant to be. Sloppy passing gave L-S the two points to win the set, and the match.

The ladies’ next match is against Elco on October 1.   

--Luke Raum, LSNews.org Volleyball Reporter

Edited: BP

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