2015 Senior Superlatives

Class Couple
Ross Souders
Madison Cunningham

Most likely to be interviewed on ESPN
Cameron Enck
Krista Mellinger

Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize
Ethan Emmert
Julia Weigel

Most likely to live in Connecticut with two kids and a white picket fence
Kyle Banner
Lily Myers

Best Dressed
 Max Warmingham
Mickayla Wawrousek

Most School Spirit
Anthony Hazboun
Lauren Petrecca

Most likely to write the next Great American Novel
Ethan Emmert
Carolyn Baker

Most contagious laugh
Logan Frey
Selah Phillips

Most likely to play in Carnegie Hall
Nowa Bronner
Carolyn Baker

Most likely to have their artwork hanging in a museum
Keeton Yost
Emily Hansson

Least likely to attend the class reunion
Chandler Crowe
Corinne Costello

Most likely to be on a reality TV show
Zachary Blair
Kaitlin Watson

Most likely to be a star in a Broadway musical
Aaron Smith
Sarah Sandberg

Most likely to discover the cure for cancer
Ethan Emmert
Marah Brubaker

-- Images gathered with the aid of Mrs. Keri Scheid, high school attendance secretary 

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