Talent for Change Playbill Announced

On Saturday, May 16 at 7 p.m.the Lampeter-Strasburg Model United Nations will be hosting its annual talent show. This year's talent show will feature a "Night at the Movies" theme, complete with an opening act dance by Model UN Members, hilarious commentary, and features a variety of acts from grades K-12. Five dollars at the door. Event to be held in the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Performing Arts Center. Proceeds from the event go to UNICEF.

Masters of Ceremony: Ethan Emmert, Joe Barnhart, & Robert Diehl
Balcony Commentary:Justin Burkett & Ben Pontz

Act One
  1. Welcome and Introduction: Masters of Ceremony
  2. UNICEF Presentation: John Davis, Model UN Club President
  3. Hallei Beatty: LE – Baton 
  4. Payton Hillen: HH – Dancing
  5. LeAnn Dienner and Ericka Neff: HS – Singing/Guitar
  6. Toren Campbell: HS – Singing/Sign Language
  7. Leah Knarr and Isabelle Brown: HH – Singing with lyrical dance
  8. Kaitlin Watson and Corinne Costello: HS – Dancing
  9. Delaney McCormick, Becca Herr, Kristen Mast, Esther Landis: MM – A Capella
  10. Mylie Heiser and Natalie Holland: HH – Gymnastics
  11. Laura Leaman and Maggie Swarr: HH – Cello and Piano
  12. Jessie Reynolds: HS – Singing
Intermission – 15 minutes

Act Two
  1. Sean O’Byrne, Lianna Sauve, Zach Bender, Kayla Remigio: HS – Band
  2. Christian Medina: HH – Magic
  3. Mikayla Miller: HS – Dancing
  4. Anne Leaman: MM – Viola
  5. Holly Diehl: HS – Dancing
  6. Aaron Smith and Erin Neff: HS – Singing/Guitar
  7. Rachel Myers: MM – Dancing
  8. Sam Tropp: HS – Singing
  9. Marco Pettica: HS – Dancing
  10. Model UN students: Our “Night at the Movies” concludes with a compilation of song and dance from famous movies!

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