Clash of the Classes Events Announced

Clash of the Classes will take place in the football stadium Friday, May 22 at 12:15 pm to celebrate the end of six stressful days of Keystone testing. Winning grade gets an ice cream social during flex on Tuesday, May 26!

Students should wear their class colors.
Seniors: Black
Sophomores: Red
Freshman: Blue

Food and drink will be sale at the event and proceeds from concession stand sales will go to Mrs. McCanna to assist with medical expenses. Dress for the weather!

12:30 – 12:40
Welcome by Mr. Shockey & Mr. Titter

12:45 – 12:55
Tug-O-War on the football field

1:00 – 1:30
Round 1
  • Punt, Pass, Kick –football field 
  • Food Relays – football field
  • Volleyball – football stadium grass area (student section bleachers)
  • Sidewalk chalk contest – sidewalk next to field house (near stadium main entrance)
  • Trivia contest –field house area
  • Cupcake decorating contest – field house area
  • Ultimate Frisbee – football field
  • Water balloon – stadium parking lot (near Martin Meylin)
  • Kickball – Hans Herr baseball field 
  • Coed Soccer Tournament – Varsity soccer field
  • Whiffle Ball Tournament – JV baseball outfield
  • Street Hockey Tournament – stadium parking lot (near Martin Meylin)
  • Gaga Ball Tournament – Football stadium grass area (near track)

1:45 – 2:15
Round 2
  • Volleyball – Practice football field (student section bleachers)
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Football field
  • Whiffle Ball – JV baseball outfield
  • Closest to the pin – grass area between baseball and football stadiums
  • Kickball – Hans Herr baseball field 
  • Push-up / Sit-up contest – football stadium grass area
  • Pull-Up contest – football stadium grass area 
  • Field goal kick –football field 
  • Coed Soccer Tournament – Varsity soccer field 
  • Street Hockey Tournament – stadium parking lot (near Martin Meylin)
  • Minute to win it – field house 
  • Gaga Ball Tournament – football stadium grass area near track

Events Going on Throughout
FFA – Hay Bale Tosses
Food and Drink –Concession area
  • FCS – Baked Goods 
  • GSA – Ice Cream
  • Asian Culture Club – Assorted food/drink items
  • Student Council – Orange Creamsicles, Fudge Pops, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Frozen Candy Bars, Candy, Snack Bags
  • Do-Something-Club – free juice
  • Shakespeare Club – Rita’s Ice

Students return to track bleachers & results are announced, Prom Promise Winner announced.

Dismiss back to high school

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