2015 Enigma now available for download

The 2015 edition of Enigma, Lampeter-Strasburg High School's creative arts publication, is now available for download.

Contributors for this year's publication include Mickayla Wawrousek, Heather Witmer, Mickayla Wawrousek, Madeline Marvin, Erin Neff, Emily Hannson, Heather Witmer, Danielle Hess John Kieley, Ryan Stream, Jay Duncan, Emily Frey, John Davis, Hannah Hess, Shannon Ferrari, Justin Burkett, Olivia Rohrer, Michayla Wawrousek Brad Harris, Karly Shaubach, Kelsey Floyd, Aaron Smith, Faith Osborne, Mariah DelRocini, Emily Ferrari, Faith Osborne, Sami Dienner, Olivia Witmer, Sara Hake, Sarah Morris, Keeton Yost, Selah Phillips, Madison Grebinger, Jake Robinson, and Teddy Mazaheri.

Click this link to download a PDF copy of the 2015 Enigma.

View archived copies of Enigma.

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