Talent to the Future: Model UN to hold annual K-12 talent show on Saturday

On Saturday, May 6, Model UN will hold their annual talent show entitled, Talent to the Future. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Show starts at 7 pm. Profits will benefit Doctors Without Borders. Admission is only $5.

K-5 Division
Maya Shultz & Emma Williams, Addison Bare & Mylie Heiser, Gavin Hiles, Tommy Creighton, Ellie Rhinier, Bowie Coates, Jaiden Suarez.

6-9 Division
Grace BurdgeWesley Leaman, Tanner Emmerling, Laureli Newell, Addison Nickel, and Nick Smucker.

9-12 Division
Jillian Pontz & Anne Leaman, The Chucks- Esther, Alex, and Emma Landis, Emily Ciarrocca & Justin Munro, Madison & Connor Shreiner, Lauren Bliss & Logan Emmert, Karoline Sigafoos, Sarah Johnson & Lea Butcher, Joey Shiffer.

Doctors Without Borders provides emergency medical treatment to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, and those without health care. 

The MCs for the show are Eryn Donnelly, Payton King, and Andrew Fink.

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