Scholars in the Spotlight: The business of success ... McClintock style

During the sophomore year of high school, Lampeter-Strasburg requires each student to take a Managing your Finances course with the hopes of giving students a basic understanding in developing financial goals, budgeting, and career exploration. Aside from that requirement, it is up to the students to pursue studies in the Business Education area. 
Will McClintock is the Business Burrowes
Scholar for 2016

For a mere 150  L-S students, Managing your Finances is not the last business class taken in high school. That was the case for Will McClintock, this year’s Business Education Burrowes Scholar recipient. 

In addition to Managing your Finances, McClintock has also taken Introduction to Business, and Accounting I. All of these classes are under the instruction of business teacher, Stephen Spealman.

"Will is an intelligent student who consistently completes work to the best of his ability," says Spealman. "He is very hard working, and is willing to ask questions and get help when needed."

McClintock’s drive and determination in the classroom will prove useful in his future career goals. His award appears fitting as he plans on studying finance or economics at the undergraduate level before attending law school to become a lawyer for the United States Army JAG Corps upon completion of Army Ranger school.

When asked about his experience with Business Education at Lampeter-Strasburg, McClintock notes, "You have to want to do the work and also need to stay focused to get it done and understand it."

McClintock draws his inspiration from his father.

"He is a very successful man and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t look up to him and try to make him proud," he says.

Outside of business classes, McClintock is also a runner for the cross country team, the treasurer of the Enigma club, and a member of the Interact club.

McClintock says his favorite part about business is completing an activity from beginning to end and realizing you did it right.

"It gives you a sense of accomplishment," he says.

However, this philosophy can be carried outside of the classroom; McClintock often exercised it during the 5K runs of cross country season or when completing service projects with the Interact club.

And so, it is no surprise that Will McClintock is this year’s Business Education Burrowes Scholar recipient. The drive has always appeared to be there.

This is the eleventh article in an series featuring each of the high school recipients of the Burrowes Scholar award, which is given to one student in each subject area who demonstrates academic excellence in that subject. For more articles, visit this page. The series is coordinated by senior staff writer Mackenzie Miller, a three-time Burrowes Scholar herself.

--Mackenzie Miller, Senior Staff Writer

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