Scholars in the Spotlight: Baker, a three-time Burrowes Scholar

Because of her accomplishments in social studies, Delaney Baker is one of the 2016 recipients of the Burrowes Scholar Award. 

"I like how history puts together the events that shape how people live today," explains Baker. "It acts as almost a huge puzzle we continue to piece together." 

Baker's specific interest lies in American history: "It is more applicable to my life. Plus, it is cool to think of our lives as living history."
Delaney Baker is the 2016 social studies
Burrowes Scholar
Uniquely, Baker has received the honor twice before: once in fifth grade and once in eighth grade. In eighth grade, though, her honor was for achievements in foreign languages. Though it is not related to American history, she also participates in the Asian Cultures Club, which she enjoys because “I learn about other peoples cultures.” 

As far as college, Baker plans to pursue a dentistry major; however, she plans to continue learning about the subject by enrolling in some social studies courses.

Baker truly has a passion for history.

"As I have taken social studies courses, I have found the stories of people fighting for equality, specifically during the civil rights movement, to be my favorite," she says. "Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech ‘I Have a Dream…’ was one of the first things that sparked my interest in the subject."

Baker reflects on what receiving the honor this time around means to her: "Having the opportunity to be recognized once again for this award means a lot to me. I remember looking up to the high schoolers who had won three times when I was in 5th grade hoping I could be one of them. After lots of hard work over the years, I now can say that I am one of those high schoolers."

This is the twelfth article in an series featuring each of the high school recipients of the Burrowes Scholar award, which is given to one student in each subject area who demonstrates academic excellence in that subject. For more articles, visit this page. The series is coordinated by senior staff writer Mackenzie Miller, a three-time Burrowes Scholar herself.

--Pierson Castor, Columnist

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