Are you ready for Saturday's Talent Wars?

The Lampeter-Strasburg Model UN Club invites you to attend the K-12 Talent Show which has a Star Wars themed--entitled Talent War--on Saturday night at 7 pm in the High School PAC. Proceeds benefit the L-S Community Closet and Doctors Without Borders. Admission is $5. 

Admission is only $5. Door along with the concession stand open to the high school PAC open at 6:30 pm. The Pioneer Chamber Strings will play in the lobby from 6:30 until 7 with the show starting at 7 pm.

Talent Wars 2016 Acts 
1. Preston Schonour, HH, Piano- The Lion Sleeps Tonight
2. Anne Leaman and Jillian Pontz, MM, Instrumental & Singing Oceans.
3. Jaiden Suarez & the Wolfpack, LE, Break Dancing
4. Gabriel Sanderson, MM, Yo-yo Skills
5. Mylie Heiser, Addison Bare, & Natalie Holland, HH, Gymnastics
6. Tommy Creighton, HH, Guitar- Playing Purple Haze and Enter Sandman
7. Gianna Fasano, HH, Dance
8. The Note Hitters- Maggie Swarr, Laura Leaman, & Katie Ranck, HH, Instrumental Music
9. Clara Mecouch & Natalie Eichelberger, HH, Irish Dancers
10. Grace Schonour, HH, Piano- The Wonderful Cross
11. Alyssa Sprout, HH, Pogo Stick and Baton Twirling; Hagen Supeck, HH, Assisting
12. Gabby Hiles & Laela Gipe, HH, Modern Dance
13. Payton Hillen, HH, Modern Dance

9-12 1. Connor Brown, Piano & singing Hallelujah
2. Tyre Coffey, Dishan Mooreman, & Cordell Mooreman Dub Step Dancing
3. Timothy Completa & LeAnn Dienner, Guitar & Singing Little Talks.
4. Joey Shiffer, Piano and Singing Gatling Gun an original song written by Joey.
5. Logan Emmert & Brendan Massar, Singing Dear Theodosia.
6. Cole Hiles, Hip Hop Dancing
7. Esther Landis & Lee Landis, Guitar & Singing Heartbreaker an original song written by Esther
8. Emma Bender, Samantha Ingram, & Celia Yost, Singing One Voice.

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