Streaks stop streak of winning for L-S boys lacrosse team

Mondays are always tough. For the L-S boys' lacrosse team, Monday, April 11 was one of those tough days.
Teddy Mazaheri grapples at a faceoff

April 11 marked the end of the Lampeter-Strasburg boys lacrosse team’s undefeated streak; the Pioneers lost to Mannheim Township 18-6. Township earned an early lead in the first quarter scoring two goals before an L-S time out. Unfortunately, the break gave Township the advantage; they scoring three more goals to open a five-point advantage. L-S eventually regained control of the ball and Alex Knarr scored off an assist from Nate Patterson. 

In the second quarter, Township once again started with a goal at the beginning, but Teddy Mazaheri scored again for L-S. Township reopened their five point lead scoring yet again before Patterson, Logan Miller, and Knarr each scored a goal before half to cut the deficit to 7-5.

At half L-S was very much still in the game, only behind by two, but the cards did not seem in their favor. 
Jake Groff looks for a pass during the game
Goalie Marco Peticca continued playing with strong save after save, but Township’s persistence kept up. Township hammered four goals in before L-S called another time out. By the fourth quarter, Township was up 14-5.

L-S defense put up a strong fight in the fourth quarter; Peticca continued with great saves, but sadly it was not enough. Township wracked up another four goals. The game ended on somewhat of a conciliatory note with Trevor King scoring with less than a minute left, ending Township’s rigid control of the ball. L-S lost to Mannheim Township 18-6, ending their winning streak.

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--Ivy McComsey, Boys Lacrosse Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography

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