Op-ed: 10 reasons you shouldn't vote for Donald Trump

Momentum is an odd thing, and in a presidential election it often leads to winning. However, this election year, ignorance is largely influencing the vote. So in a hope that business mogul Donald Trump (R-NY) won't win, I'll fight ignorance with facts, ten to be exact.
Donald Trump

1) If you vote for Trump then you can't really call yourself a Republican. For example, in the only closed primary of Super Tuesday (Oklahoma) , meaning only Republicans vote for Republicans, Texas Senator Ted Cruz won. He also believes in eminent domain, centralized health care, strict immigration laws, and higher taxes, all strongly opposed by the Republican party.

2) Voting for the shiniest of three turds is not an effective way to chose the future leader of the free world. Don't vote for Trump just because you don't want to see Cruz or Florida Senator Marco Rubio win.

3) Understand this, Mitt Romney is hardly a hypocrite for campaigning against Donald Trump after taking campaign donations from him four years ago. Candidates will do anything for campaign money, it's the only way to win an election. That said, Romney absolutely makes a good point when he says Trump is "playing the American public for suckers".

4) Don't vote for Trump because he's "self funding" his campaign. He has only contributed a quarter of a million dollars, the rest being a donation which he will be reimbursed for by campaign contributions. Therefore, he is just as tied to donations as any other candidate.

5) Saying Trump isn't hypocritical is ignorant. The man changes his mind every five seconds, going everywhere from banning assault rifles to claiming that he carries a concealed weapon. Additionally, he claims to be a devout Christian but can't make it through a speech without cursing. And, to add on, he claims to support the first amendment but sues anyone who disagrees with him.

6) He is absolutely INSANE. He wants Mexico to build a wall to keep Mexico out. He wants to kill the families of terrorist because "that's what they care about". And he thinks that POW's aren't war heroes, a fact that will make it very difficult for him to be a respected commander in chief.

7) He's very very very racist and very very very sexist. If you aren't a white male, he has probably said something that would offend you.

8) Don't vote for him because it will be entertaining. We are talking about handing the man the “keys” to nuclear missiles. The repercussions are much more severe than watching him fire people on celebrity apprentice. What isn't very entertaining is the fact that he has no official policies, evidenced by his substance lacking website.

9) This point especially upsets me, but is part of the world we live in. People will vote for him just because they associate the name Trump with money and money with success. First of all, did you know that he attempted to start an airline, his own Vodka, a board game, casinos, a mortgage company and a college. There's a reason you've never heard of them, they all failed. In the words of John Oliver, let's “make Donald Drumpf again”.

10) And finally, the last point is the simple fact that I haven't even scratched the surface of why you shouldn't vote for Donald Trump, a sad statement indeed.

--Kevin Reed, LSNews.org Senior Staff Writer

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