Mr. Pioneer preview: Andrew Hay represents AP Biology ... no, that's not a typo

Andrew Hay will represent his first period class,
AP Biology, in the Mr. Pioneer contest
Here at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, we are not strangers to the challenging material offered in the form of AP classes. We hear horror stories about the amount of hard work and dedication needed to at least pass these college-based courses, so some may be surprised to learn that a student would actually choose to support a full-year AP class like period one AP Biology in a contest like Mr. Pioneer.

Andrew Hay is the only student representing a class, but he knew right away that he had to volunteer when Mrs. Jessica Mountz, the AP biology teacher, asked the two boys in the course if one of them would be interested in running.  

“Immediately, I said, ‘I know I have to do this. This is totally me.’ And why not? I mean, it’s senior year, and it’s something fun to do,” says Hay, always up for a challenge.

Of course, his classmates went on to encourage him to sign up when they heard about the free breakfast awarded to the winner and his sponsoring class. Hay is taking three AP classes this year, but AP Biology was declared his probable favorite. “Something about it just stands out to me… It’s the one that keeps me the most engaged in class.”

Apart from his passion for biology, Hay also pursues some important interests outside of school. He currently involves himself in many community activities, such as volunteering his time at the young adult ministries at Grace Community Church in Willow Street. Hay’s faith is a part of him that he “takes a lot of pride in.” As a child, he was a member of the Cub Scout organization, and one man, Mr. Baker, showed him how to be the best man he could be, spiritually and otherwise. By volunteering with the young adult ministries, Hay hopes to be able to “give back to younger people in the same way.”
Always seeking to bring smiles to the faces of others,
Hay recently decided to begin wearing a crown in
AP English ... he abdicates and reassumes the throne
on a daily basis

Hay also works with the Lancaster Barnstormers as part of the “fun patrol,” a position that certainly fits his upbeat personality. When the players switch out for the next inning, there needs to be a group to keep the crowd engaged. That is where Hay comes in. He helps to select children for special activities on the field and basically assists Jeff “I.M. Fun” Bertoni, the Barnstormers emcee. Hay has played baseball for years, so this job definitely appeals to him in that way. Both his position on the field and in the church relate to his love for working with children and improving the lives of people in his community. He also enjoys being part of the Heroes program, the concert band, the varsity club, and other various groups here at the high school.

As for what to expect on Saturday night, the audience should not get too comfortable, as Mr. Andrew Hay has a few surprises up his sleeve.

Why should you vote for Andrew Hay?

“I feel like the more interesting a person is, the more that person sticks out to somebody… Find the person that most interests you or you most identify with… Find somebody that you identify with, and that person should be Mr. Pioneer, in my opinion.”

And being the well-rounded high school senior that he is, Andrew should not be too hard to identify with.

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor

Edited: BP

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