Editorial: Three endorsements for the upcoming presidential election (Part 1 of 3: Bernie Sanders)

We strive to present editorials that reflect the consensus of our editorial board, but from time to time, we disagree. Today is one of those times. Several of our staffers do not have strong opinions or do not like any of the candidates, while others have strong preferences. Consequently, over the next three days, we'll share the opinions of three of our staffers beginning with opinion editor Aaron Davies.

Aaron Davies: Bernie Sanders represents the only pro-democracy candidate

Bernie Sanders is the most impressive candidate in this election. Whether you agree with his policies or not, he has defied the odds. When Sanders threw his hat into the ring ten months ago, we laughed at him. Nobody believed that a self-declared socialist with minimal name recognition stood a chance of making it this far especially against a political powerhouse like Hillary Clinton. Now, even though he is unfortunately no longer likely to win the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders has started a revolution. And there’s a reason for that: he recognizes the nation’s greatest issues and is determined to fix them.

Bernie Sanders understands that the people are sick of the government. The people are sick of politicians lying, cheating, and breaking promises they never meant to keep. Bernie Sanders promises real change, and most importantly, people believe him.

I recently wrote an editorial on how the influence of money has corrupted the entire political system to a point that our leaders rely more on the rich and powerful than the American people. Bernie Sanders is the only major party candidate who recognizes and addresses this issue.

From my perspective, Sanders is the only major candidate who truly believes in American democracy. President Obama campaigned on campaign finance reform as well, but then he backpedaled and accepted a few large donations from special interests. He is now forever bound to their will. Bernie Sanders has yet to take money from any special interest. He is a completely grassroots candidate, but he’s not short on money. He’s raised just as much money as the other candidates. If politicians were to wear advertisements from their sponsors in a similar fashion to NASCAR racers, Bernie Sanders would wear the names of everyday average Americans. Hillary Clinton would be covered in special interest groups pining for power through her political machine. In other words, Clinton is more beholden to the rich than her voters.

This is important to note on the issue of climate change. No other issue is more important than climate change. None. The only Republican candidate who even believes in climate change is John Kasich, but even he doesn’t believe we need to take action. So all the Republican candidates are unfit for leadership because if we do nothing there may not be an America for us to vote for a president by the time I die. I’m 18 years old in 2016, and scientists are predicting fishless oceans by 2050. I’ll be 52. I care about environmental collapse.

The reason Clinton can’t be trusted with this monumental issue is because she has sold her power to the highest bidder. One of the biggest lobbying industries is oil and gas. It will stop at nothing to prevent climate change legislation. Because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010, we don’t know who is donating to Clinton. I find it hard to believe that none of them are against climate change action. She is more beholden to her financial masters than us. This should disturb you.

I endorse Bernie Sanders for president because he cares about the real issues. He cares about ending corruption in government. He cares about saving our future from intense climate change that will end civilization as we know it.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate worth your vote.

This piece represents the first of the opinions of three staffers, but does not reflect the opinions of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District, the LSNews.org editorial board, nor the advisor of LSNews.org. Questions or concerns can be directed to lspioneernews@gmail.com.


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