Editorial: Do it "For The Kids"

Today L-S will hold the long-awaited Mini-THON, an all-night party of sorts with the intent to raise money for the treatment of childhood cancer. It is difficult to think of a more noble cause than saving the lives of children; especially when, in return, we are provided with a pretty exciting event.

The entire Four Diamonds operation is an impressive and inspiring charity. Through the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital, it covers the expenses of a child’s cancer treatment that are not already paid for through insurance or other means. It gives children access to specialty care that includes child life specialists, social workers, music therapists, a clinical nutritionist, a psychologist, and pastoral care. These specialists work with the children and their families to provide them with expert care throughout the process of treating cancer.
Mrs. Lindsay Shehan is the Mini-THON
coordinator; she is pictured here at the
kickoff assembly, held last month at L-S
LSNews.org File Photo

We have made tremendous progress in the fight against cancer. In the last 50 years, treatment success rates for childhood cancers have increased to over 90%. However, one in five children with cancer will still die within five years. This is why charities such as Four Diamonds are so important. The Four Diamonds research team is determined to use the latest findings to provide the best treatment for the children.

Four Diamonds has done great work with the money it raises from events like our Mini-THON this Friday. It seems imperative that we contribute all that we can to this charity. It is not as if we can be stingy. The money we contribute to Four Diamonds will go to the treatment and care of a young life facing an obstacle that breaks the will of adults. There is no reason to hold back our funds. Especially in this time of year, we should be prepared to give to those less fortunate than we.

So today (and tomorrow), have a blast with the event which is sure to be an interesting experience but don’t forget why we have this all-nighter in the first place. It’s for the kids.

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