Neon Day: Students radiate with vibrant color

It was "hump day" for Homecoming Spirit Week 2015, and students were charged with wearing neon colors to celebrate. As was the case on Tuesday, the freshman and sophomores lagged behind the seniors, but it was the juniors that emerged victorious for the second straight day. Some of the most enthusiastic participants are pictured below.
Hannah Myers sports a glowing outfit ... and a smile

McKenna Kimmel shines brightly while Matt Paich
prefers to hide in the shadows of his neon shirt
Emma DiPace and Kirsten Graybill show that juniors
and sophomores can get along ... at least for a Neon
Day picture
Sarah Johnson and Lea Butcher pause to make some faces
to show how much they love getting their picture taken
for Spirit Week

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor and Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

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