A quick article about a quick tennis match ... L-S beat ELCO

In another successful tennis match, L-S defeated ELCO 6 to 1. ELCO brought only seven players, barely above the minimum. 

In doubles, the Capoferri sisters got off to a rough start, as ELCO won five of the eight games. Having handily won previous matches during the season, the Capoferris' struggles were uncharacteristic, and prompted teammate Sam Tran to say, “That never happens!” 

Towards the end of their match, though, the sisters came back to win 8 to 5. The second doubles were in the lead while struggling for a few matches, whereas the third doubles were undefeated in a speedy match. 

Izzy Mazaheri and her partner Sami
Williams won the third doubles match
“Court 3 is killing it! They are doing amazing!” commented one of the players. 

Sami Williams and Izzy Mazaheri won their doubles match on the third court, which helped to win all of the doubles matches. 

Later, during singles, Lauren Rettew won a very quick match, whereas Taylor Capoferri’s singles match took longer than usual -- her opponent was very well paired against her. This has not been the first time that the Capoferris have played with the top ELCO girl, they have played with her before during tennis tournaments. 
Lauren Rettew won a quick singles match
to help the Pioneers to their victory
Both Capoferris and Rettew ended up winning both of her sets for singles, leaving Shirley Drot de Gourville with the sole loss of the day for the Pioneers. The match was surprisingly a fast paced match, leaving many of the spectators astonished. 

Overall, the match was another victory for the L-S tennis team, continuing their undefeated start to the season.

--Maggie Johnson, LSNews.org Assistant Sports Editor; Photos courtesy of Mrs. Susan Rettew

Edited: BP

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